Episode 13

Published on:

21st Jul 2022

So they're curling in Oakland...

It's been a long and sometimes complicated journey, but there is a curling-specific facility in the Bay Area. On this episode, we're joined by two of the people who led the charge—Kate Garfinkel and Adriana Camarena—to talk about how things are going, their upcoming grand opening, and how they are working to weave the curling club into the fabric of the community.

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Dean Gemmell is the Director of Curling Development at USA Curling. Previously, he served as the President of the Plainfield Curling Club, was elected by his peers to be the USA Curling Athlete Representative to the USOPC, and was a member of the team that captured the 2012 USA Men's National Championship. He also hosted The Curling Show, a podcast that ran from 2005-2017.